From your idea on the sketchboard to the final product in your hands we offer you the complete process support.


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What a moment when your plan is all set and you are ready to launch your business idea

We have enjoyed helping our customers prototyping product development on their way from idea to the comprehensive set of technical specifications for mass manufacturing. "Pack & go for mass manufacturing". Aside of startup product development we are trusted cooperation partner of several SME outsourcing their NPD (New Product Development).

In order to save rework and the final production cost it is of great advantage from the beginning on to design with your short to medium term estimate of the production quantities in mind. This secures that your product is able to be realized by the best suited production methods. Nobody wishes to stop on the prototype state.

A product can be produced in many ways. Some of which to hit the market at the lowest price possible and others strive to serve premium products in outstanding production quality and with superior material choices. Your target price makes sure the products sustainable production is achievable within your business case.

We are here to guide you through.



In house manufacturing

Having all manufacturing capabilities in house gives you a fast and flexible production which grants you the freedom of numerous material choices. We fully understand you want to hold your product and put it to through its tests.

Should you later on to decide for an enhancemend prototype version we are able to quickly react as we can build up on previous production runs and save cost.