Serving our customers' print jobs has been our bread and butter since 2007.

Contact us to bring your challenge on. We are here to guide you through your prototyping and find the right production decisions for your specific projects demand.


CNC Cover Flat Roof inside"I have a 3D model I wish to print"

Now that's the easy way. You already have done all the CAD work upfront or downloaded files from a 3D model repository.

  1. Send them to us to get a free quote. A STL file is preferred but we are not limited to this file format.

  2. To give you the best advice it is of big advantage for us to know the in use situation. A 3D print can be optmized in many ways for the specific application. From material, to layer height and infill. Is it a visually protruding part or a mechanical part that needs to withstand force or abrasion.

  3. Tell us your desired amount as startup cost otherwise have to be carried by the prototype piece alone.




"I have an idea I wish to realize"rocket launch liftoff long exposure 23764

What a moment when your plan is all set and you are ready to launch your business idea

We have enjoyed helping our customers product developments on their way from their idea to the complete set of technical specifications for mass manufacturing. "Pack & go for mass manufacturing". Aside of startup prouct development we are trusted cooperation partner with several SME outsourcing their NPD (New Product Development).

Please take the time to write us a mail with a brief description of your development and your phone number. We will contact you ASAP.







Sketch Handdrawing2

"I can draw sketches"

You are awesome! A handdrawing is more than a thousand words and secures that we fully understand you demand. Napkin quality is all we need but please add your measurements to the drawing.








"Something broke!"

Broken Part

The challenge is that in order to 3D print anything you need a 3D model of your object and depending on the objects complexity these can be quite time intense to generate. With decades of CAD construction experience we know all the tricks to speed up this process but if anyhow possible we would like to spare you for the cost of CAD construction time. You have the following routes to go:

  • Search for the 3D model of the broken component on the manufacturers homepage. Use the exact modelnumber in your search to secure you get what you want.
  • Send us the broken component and let us measure and 3D model it.
  • Take some pictures and send us the largest measurement so we can scale it and do our magic.




 Your intelectual property is safe with us

Of course we are willing to sign your NDA (Non Disclosure AgreementI).

Head here if you need a template.