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Prototyping A to Z  -  Development and production i one hand

SLA Prints

FDM Prints


Laser Engraving

CNC milling

3D Modelling / CAD construction


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For any demand you are please write to us with your brief demand / project description.

FDM Ultimaker printer

FDM & SLA print

Our in-house print farm include latest SLA and FDM 3D printer technologies. Our experienced staff are enjoy any challenge be it a complex high detail showcase 3D print or mass production in our FDM 3D printer farm. At all time we take our pride in guiding you to the right 3D print related choices and finetune 3D models machine code for optimized product characteristics according to your specific requirements.

We keep a significant number of 3D printers simultaneously up and running 24/7 which makes serial mass production of 3D prints an ideal choice for small to medium scaled startup production. 3D printing allows for the lowest investment cost and highest flexibility as well as being the shortest path to a viable product to reach sales phase with very competitive cost up to a a medium number of produced products.

Beside mass produced 3D prints we enjoy delivering your showcase models SLA print in layer heights down to 50 micron / 0.05 mm resolution.

Most of our FDM print orders are done in PLA but we are available for special material needs.

Serving our customers' print jobs has been our bread and butter since 2007.


CNC Cover Flat Roof inside

 "I have a 3D model to print"

Now that is easy. You already have done your own CAD work or downloaded 3D models from a 3D model repository.

  1. Send them to us and get your free quote. A STL, STP, OBJ file is preferred but we are not limited to the format.

  2. To give you the best advice it is of advantage for us to know the in use situation. A 3D print can be optmized in many ways for the specific application. From material, to layer height and infill. Is it a design element or mechanical part that needs to withstand force and abrasion.

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 "I need a 3D model to print"

Head over to our guide on how to find the best 3D models. Check the best free 3d model repositories and user their search function to locate your 3D model.





search engine integrating various 3D model repositories

most files

pure 3D print focus

technical, engineering and scale models

no specific 3D print focus of 3D models

Cults checks each 3D design for printability and organizes them into different groups



Broken Part

Things break to be fixed!

It can be as simple as a little broken brick that makes the scrap decision even for valuable things in life. 3D printers flexibility and low cost come in very useful in these occasions and save natural ressources by producing repacement and spare parts extending products lifecycle.

The challenge is that in order to 3D print anything you need a 3D model of your object and depending on the objects complexity these can be quite time intense to generate.

With decades of CAD construction experience we know all the tricks to speed up this process but if anyhow possible we would like to spare you for the cost of CAD construction time.

You several options:

  • Search for the 3D model of the broken component on the manufacturers homepage. Use the exact modelnumber in your search to secure you get what you want.
  • Search in a 3D model repository for the part.
  • Send us the broken component so we can measure and 3D model it.
  • Take some pictures and send us the largest measurement so we can scale it and do our magic.






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Large scale CNC milling

For any large scale demand it may be of advantage to use our CNC milling technology that works with very large scales in an envelope of up to 2 meter x 1.2 m x 0.3 m*. Mostly these routers are demanded to produce objects in soft materials like wood, plastic and foam.

With a proper surface finish these objects stand out due to their large size and flawless surface quality which makes this a perfect machine for e.g. advertising models, art sculptures, interior panels or architectural models.

CNC mill architectural foam

Architecture model Asal 1

Production run for the Copenhagen architect team of Asal Mohtashami with their "Vejle Fjordsikring Challenge 2020" application.

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