What do you want to build today?

We are here to help you jump the gaps!


Many of your projects cannot be entirely 3D printed. The more advanced your pursued builds get the more often you will have the need for custom components to combine with your 3D prints. We have been there ourself and experienced the frustration of building workarounds with all the downsides of additional cost and waste of time. E.g. some parts need to be metal due to their durable and stiff properties other need to be sheet work. PLA is awesome but like anything it has its limits.

We have invested heavily in our production capabilities around custom parts. …of course we have. We are makers!

We are proud to help you with your build projects. Take a tour what we can help you with in our most beloved production space.

We offer:

  • Prototyping
  • 3D Modelling / CAD construction
  • Lasercutting
  • FDM Printing
  • Metalworks (up to 10 mm thickness - ATM only rod and extrusion cutting is offered)

As the complexity of our orders vary a lot we prefer you to write to us with your brief demand / project description.We will come back to you with an offer.

Are you in need of custom metal parts for your builds or prototype? We mill your 3D models in aluminium. Being makers it is our passion to deliver you best in class components which we produce in house. Feel free to contact us with your demand description, sketches or files. By making use of our production services you help us finance our free services to you.

FDM 3D Printing Service

(0,25 mm layer height)


3D Modelling / CAD Construction Service

We love CAD (3D modelling) and have a long track record of constructing both our own projects and our customers. Your idea can be enough to get us going but of course your handdrawing helps us speed up the process in the right direction!


Lasercutting Service

Our lasercutting service helps you to get 2 dimensional sheet drawings cut out in up to 6 mm acrylic sheets or MDF.

To get you sheets cut you can send us your 2 dimensional files. We can work with most vector based files but you can as well send us your drawing in PDF (set your line thickness to 0,1 mm). It might be of advantage to tell us the exact measurements of your desired cut (techincal drawing) so we can make sure that that your files do not have an unit conversion error before cutting.


We can laser cut plastics, woods, rubbers, foams, papers, as long as they do not contain chlorine.

Min thickness – 0,2 mm

Max thickness – 6 mm

As a standard your Acrylic cuts come with protection foil on both sides. This is to protect them from scratches during transport but also from cutting fume deposits that otherwise would settle on the cutting edge. After removing the protective foil you will get the high gloss and guaranteed scratch free surface underneath.

Our recommendation for plastic materials are Acrylic and Delrin.

Cutting wood on a laser burns the wood away. Be prepared for unavoidable dark brown/black burn residues on the sides. You can clean these in manual post processing if desired.


Materials we can laser cut:


  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
  • Acrylic (also known as Plexiglas, Lucite, PMMA)
  • Two-tone acrylic – top color different than core material, usually for custom instrumentation panels, signs, and plaques.
  • Delrin (POM, acetal)
  • Kapton tape (Polyimide)
  • Mylar (polyester)
  • PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol)
  • Nylon – melts badly
  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) – melts badly
  • Polyethylene (PE) – melts badly
  • Polypropylene (PP) – melts somewhat
  • Styrene


  • Depron foam
  • Cloths (leather, suede, felt, hemp, cotton)
  • Papers
  • Rubbers (only if they do not contain chlorine)
  • Teflon (PTFE, Polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Woods (MDF, balsa, birch, poplar, red oak, cherry, holly, etc.)


Materials we cannot laser cut

We do not cut the following materials:

  • Any material containing chlorine. (Chlorine is a very toxic gas and we plan our business to last longer than our next laser cut. This is the reason why we cannot accept materials you send us except they come from a dedicated supplier guaranteeing materials specifications.)
  • Metals. We cannot lasercut metals. (Please look at our CNC milling service for any aluminium productions)
  • Polycarbonate (PC, Lexan) – due to fumes
  • PVC (Cintra) – contains chlorine
  • Vinyl – contains chlorine
  • Glass – we can engrave glass, but we cannot cut it.
  • Fiberglass
  • Printed circuit board (FR4 and other material types)
  • Carbon fiber
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) - melts badly when laser cut.


You can have other materials shipped to us from suppliers that guarantee the materials are free from chlorine. For new (to us) materials we need a sample on top to adjust the laser cut settings for clean cuts.