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SLA DLP Resin - 1L FTD Ash Grey

NxtGen Ash Grey
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NxtGen Ash Grey


All SLA DLP resins come with a health warning!

Avoid skin contact, use gloves whenever touching uncured resin and make sure to have a well ventialed work space.

Make sure to keep it our of reach of any persons that might now be knowing of the effects.


ultra fast!

Curing times of 0.5 seconds for 0.02mm layers are easily achieved on standard DLP printers with an average light source of around 240Watts.

Broad range of reactivity!

The resin have a very broad range of reactivity, it extends from the very short wavelengths of 225nm to the near/visible wavelengths of 415nm. By incorporating a very smart blend of photo initiaters and sensitizers, almost any light source can be used to initiate the polymerization process of our resins. No need to modify your expensive DLP projector! Do you have a laser SLA machine? or perhaps a DLP printer with a LED source of illumination? As long as the wavelength is between 225nm and 415nm, it will work, and it will work fast!
Besides the wavelength of the lightsource several other factors are important, so please check out our properties page.

Ultra low shrinkage! 

Where 3.5% is regarded little shrinkage, we have the limited the shrinkage to 0.5%. It is basically what you see is what you get. 3.5% seems to be little but if you take an object of 10cm (100mm) 3.5% is 3.5 mm which is nearly half a centimetre! This is huge compared to the 0.5mm the Fun To Do Resins achieve.

Resistance to water and most chemicals!

Our resins have a natural resistance against water, in liquid form it is highly hydrofobic. Once fully cured there is hardly any chemical that can disolve our resins. Especially the Industrial blend has a high resistance to chemicals. Cured prints have been withstanding the elements and various chemicals for more than a year now!

​User Friendliness

When designing the resins we have spent quite some effort in making the resin as user friendly as possible. These efforts have resulted in a series of low odor resins with minimal skin irritation.

Affordable resins

By using our affordable resin you can afford to experiment, extend your knowledge about supports, exposure times, material thickness without having to think about the costs of the materials all the time.



The resin has been designed to be used to make directly usable objects/parts with good physical properties like machine parts and parts for the modelling industry.

The cured resin has a pencil hardness of around HB/H. So the surface is hard, but at the same time it has a certain flexibility which makes it toolable and durable. The shrinkage of the cured resin is kept to a minimum, making it suitable for printing precise objects.

The resin works with all standard DLP projectors, modified or unmodified. Even those projectors with a low wattage will cure the resin well.

The resin has been thoroughly tested with several 3-D DLP printers, among them the B9Creator.

Cure speed 240Watts at 25cm throw distance 0.5 sec for 0.05 layer (B9C)
Cure speed 180Watts at 25cm throw distance 3.0 sec for 0.05 layer

Although the stronger the lamp the better, a standard 180 Watts DLP projector will do fine.

For the curing of the resin no additional modification to the projector has to be made.
Although there are several areas of the UV spectrum where the resin has an outstanding performance, the relevant absorption spectrum for this application is between 395 - 420nm with a relative absorption between 1-1.5.


The liquid resin has a viscosity of around 1000 mpas, comparable with the viscosity of olive oil.

The cured resin is resistant to water and most chemicals. Uncured resin can be reused.

The resin is packaged in a light resistant bottle with 1ltr. contents. The resin should be stored in a dry, shaded and cool place away from direct heat and direct sunlight.

Standard Blend
Industrial Blend
Castable Blend
DIN Cup 4
Shore D

*Properties like Hardness and Viscosity are dependent on several factors. The Viscosity is determined at a temperature of 25C.
In general you can say that the viscosity are comparable or just a bit thinner than olive oil.

Units in box: 1 Liter