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Dear visitor.

Thank you for your interest in our just recently founded company with Danish resindence in Copenhagen.

Welcome to our brand new online platfrom



Our mission is to support creative people in realising their complex construction projects within small to medium scale productions.

by utilising the great new possibilities of decentralised home manufacturing and global collaboration. We have many projects in the pipeline with focus to bring you much more free functrionality in here which we are looking forward to share with you soon. 

Our webshop was initially launched in January 2014 as we perceived a lack of special components suppliers especially within DLP technology. As very few people are priviledged to have access to research facilities with their specialised equipment we have decided to offer some of these essential special components and enable you to finalize the advanced 3D print projects you might long for. Of course these are everything else than cheap to produce and require heavy investments from our side. Therefore we decided go live early in order to let you follow and contribute to the development in here. The biggest deed is of course to support us via our shop but sharing the word others that might be interested in is of course also very helpful for us to finalize the platform.

We hope to be able to keep up with innovating 3D print related components & services for you. Should you at any time have the need for a 3D-print related special component and have difficulties to find it we will be most thankful to receive your brief demand description and see what we can bring up to help you to your next project phase.

Please feel free to have a look at our assortment to support us or send us your personal ideas for improvement. All our earnings are reinvested in order to keep as open as possible and the best all round 3D-PRINT service page for you and your fellows.


Best regards from COPENHAGEN


Tax registration / CVR number: DK-35134816

Address: Bækgårdsvej 17, 2640 Hedehusene, Denmark