Thank you for your interest in who we are and a warm welcome from Denmark.

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Address: (not a visitor address) Bækgårdsvej 17 2640 Hedehusene Denmark
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3D print is all around and we wish to be in the mid of it spreading knowledge, skills and of course 3D prints.

We are globally available for our users historically being private persons, engineers, startups, SME, global companies, students and universities. Thank you all for making this possible.


What's in a name?


You think it - We build it

Our mission is to support creative people in realising fysical build projects. We are makers and encourage you to challege us with your demand. Having grown organically our actual production facilities can take on the most challenging production jobs. We love the diversity of our customers goals and have a huge amount of fun in helping to bring these to the world. No matter if big or small projects. They can all count on profiting from our full expertise to secure the best suited result.

We offer 3D print related online services

We strive to innovate 3D print related online services and are glad to support the open source community with our repository to share build projects and collaborate within. Sharing is caring is as well valid for 3D models and the community member contributions make a difference for millions of people from all corners of the globe.


We trade fysical products

Our webshop was initially launched in January 2014 as we perceived a lack of special 3D print supplies within the market of SLA DLP technology. Considering to order from our webshop helps us keep the server lights on and the spindle motors turning.



We fight to keep 3D-PRINT.com a place for sharing of open knowledge in a safe and appealing website enviroment.

With best regards from my colleagues and myself 

Michael Tangen Møller (Owner)